Why Facebook ‘Likes’ Don’t Matter

How many ‘Likes’ does your Facebook business page have?

(By the way, I hope you DO have a separate Facebook page for your travel business)!

One of my Facebook business pages currently has 10,319 Likes.

I don’t go out of my way to get people to ‘Like’ my business page. It happens organically as a result of my other marketing efforts.

But in the end, Facebook ‘Likes’ don’t matter.

Why? Because Facebook ‘Likes’ don’t translate into money in your pocket.

What matters instead, is paying clients!

You could have a community of 100,000+ Facebook followers and still not be getting any bookings.

Facebook definitely plays a big role in my overall marketing plan.

But instead of focusing on Facebook ‘Likes’, I recommend focusing on growing the number of subscribers on your email list.

Facebook is good for:

  • Building your email subscriber list
  • Building rapport with your followers
  • Discovering what your followers are most interested in, and what questions and problems they have

However, your leads will come as a result of regularly communicating with the people on your email list.

By regularly emailing, I’m top of mind when a potential client is ready to book their next trip.

Not only am I the first travel professional to spring to mind, but by the time someone contacts me, they’ve already decided to work with me.

They’re already pre-sold on my services, because I’ve been consistently demonstrating my value through all the great content I’ve been sharing.

And these new (or repeat) clients may or may not ‘Like’ my Facebook page.